Where can you find us?

In Romania and in more than
10 European countries

Anywhere. In your favorite places, whether in your local shops, in a modern hypermarket or in traditional markets from your town. Always fresh meat and of high quality.


    We operate a number of 40 shops under CocoRico brand. They are localized in the South-Eastern Romania in traditional local markets.

    They are daily supplied with fresh poultry and offer a wide range of poultry assortments, which are sold in packaging or as bulk products. This way, the customers have the liberty to choose the quantity of CocoRico products, always of the best quality: no growth hormones, growth antibiotics, meat-and-bone meal, no food additives.



    Our distribution and sales network covers the whole country, so that each customer is served to the highest standards.

    Three main distribution headquarters located in Bucharest, Buzau and Cluj-Napoca, the sales team works on a national level.

    CocoRico poultry safely reaches safely on the tables of consumers in Romania, but also in their favorite restaurants.


    Covering all distribution channels, we have developed in time close connections and have a database of traditional customers.

    CocoRico poultry products are found in the most delicious and healthy dishes of our customers, among the most important meat processors.

    Our customers are familiar with our products and their quality and wish to use in their production processes only healthy products and we constantly make sure that their expectations are met.


    In Romania, CocoRico poultry is present on a national level, in most international networks, in the section of refrigerated products. The CocoRico brand is easy to identify on shelf, thanks to its clean packaging, its colours representing hygiene, quality and food safety: white, blue, red.

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    Aaylex Group is the greatest exporter of meat in Romania, having a wider portfolio of external clients, coming from over 10 countries. These include: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Great Britain, Holland or Slovakia.

    Export represents nearly 30% of the group’s production, including especially fresh, refrigerated products.

    The strategy for the identification of export trading partners provides direct contacts on target markets and also the participation in international fairs.