Product certifications

Quality characterized by certainty,
not just its affirmation

Agriculture and food industry are full of great challenges. But our promise is what really matters, the one we make every day to our consumers: that we have high-quality products and they comply with our food safety standards. Healthy products for our families and children.


    Therefore, we invest constantly in the production operational activities and we are committed to do whatever is required to comply with all bio-safety, hygiene and environmental protection directives.

    Taking into account our commitments, we pay special attention to maintaining the health of chickens and to the delivery of poultry products, that complying with the law in force, do not contain hormones, additives, growth antibiotics meat and bone meal. Moreover, we ensure that distribution chain of products from the factory to the final consumer, complies with food safety standard and get to be consumed as fresh as possible.

    All these have helped us to obtain important certifications, in order to operate at the highest standards in the industry and to offer our consumers the QUALITY CHARACTERIZED BY CERTAINTY, NOT JUST ITS AFFIRMATION.


    Aaylex has received a series of important certifications, in order to operate to the highest standards in the industry

    • ISO 22000
    • ISO 9001
    • BRC
    • ISO 22000
    • Certif ISO 45001