About us

A quality-based company.

A quality-oriented group. Quality is in everything we do, you can find quality on the tables of CocoRico customers worldwide.

Aaylex Group integrates successfully the system „from egg to plate”, operating on a national level, having headquarters and production units in Bucharest and 9 counties: Buzău, Brăila, Călărași, Cluj, Dâmbovița, Galați, Giurgiu, Ilfov and Prahova.

Aaylex business units are specialized in various aspects of the trade:

  • Feed production for poultry – Aaylex AgroCooperativaAgricolă;
  • Broiler farming, hatcheries and broiler breeder farms parent stock and chicks – Avicola Buzău;
  • 2 slaughter-houses, an ultra-modern slaughter-house, with a slaughtering capacity of 12,000 heads/ hour and a recently purchased slaughter-house, with a slaughtering capacity of 4,000 heads/ hour – Aaylex Prod;
  • Distribution company – Aaylex Distribution;
  • Brand shops and partner shops all over the country.

Aaylex business units are specialized in various operational processes, from poultry feed production, breeding, hatching, broiler farming up to slaughtering and distribution. In its existing structure, Aaylex Group is one of the leading producers of poultry meat in Romania, with an experience of over 25 years in the industry.

On the local market, the brand CocoRico is operates nationwide through all distribution channels in major retail chains, in the traditional trade within the CocoRico network of shops and partner shops, Horeca, being also distributed through the channel of “re -sell” to the leading meat processors.

Aaylex Group is the greatest exporter of meat in Romania, having a wider portfolio of external clients, coming from over 10 countries. These include: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Great Britain, Holland or Slovakia. Export represents nearly 30% of the group’s production, including especially fresh, refrigerated products. Final customers can find the products in stores under the unique brand CocoRico.