Our history

Since 1982

  • 1982

    The history of Aaylex Group begins with Avicola Buzău and the year 1982, when the company was established, and in 1991 it becomes a share company.
    This is the start of a company, that developed and became a respected brand not just in Romania but also worldwide.

  • 1996

    In 1996, Avicola Buzău was listed on the Romanian OTC stock exchange, as a result of the mass privatization process. In 1998 Aaylex Trading, a Romanian corporation, acquired a controlling stake. Based on its expertise in marketing, sales and distribution of poultry meat, it added the operations exceptional outcomes.
    Since then, the group began developing into the today’s corporate conglomerate and has organised the operational processes in independent general categories.

  • 2000

    CocoRico becomes a registered brand of the Aaylex Group.
    A promise made to the consumers, to recognize an authentic Romanian product, healthy and safe poultry.

  • 2007

    The Quality Management System and Food Safety was implemented – HACCP.
    After all efforts, in 2007, when Romania joined the European Union, the company was already prepared to comply with the European standards and to continue intra and extra-EU trade relations. Avicola Buzau was upgraded according to the EU bio-security standards.

  • 2011

    Aaylex Group inaugurates Aaylex Prod- one of the largest and modern meat processing plants in Europe.
    The poultry meat produced here under conditions of quality and responsibility, is exported to over 10 countries and is appreciated by millions of consumers worldwide.

  • 2012

    The CocoRico brand has a new visual identity, as a registered trademark of Aaylex Group. CocoRico packaging becomes white, red and blue, the perfect symbol for a quality poultry. Blue symbolizes simplicity, hygiene, food safety and health and red is the symbol of energy and CocoRico passion, that makes us go further, better, every day.

  • 2015

    Aaylex Group receives numerous certifications, that certify the CocoRico product quality: ISO 9001; BRC grade AA; IFS High Level.
    The certifications received demonstrate the CocoRico consistency in keeping the same qualities for consumers worldwide. They symbolize the recognition of the most demanding requirements worldwide, with regard to quality, biosecurity and hygiene.

  • 2016

    The most modern feed production plants for chickens was inaugurated: Aaylex Agro Cooperativa Agricolă.
    In addition to the care for the environment by using a special biogas station, special platforms for waste disposal, sewage treatment plants, hygienisation filters and also solar panels for the generation of “renewable” energy, recent investments have aimed the development of the production base, improvement of control and poultry feed quality or the constant preservation of clean, quality water, on its way from the spring to the chickens’ water containers.

        Coco Rico Brand has a new visual identity after launching the concept „You are cool when you choose healthy “.
        Aaylex brand has a new visual, integrated identity.
      Avicola Buzău was delisted from the stock market. The shareholding remains 100% Romanian