Group’s structure

An integrated group,
for the future

Aaylex Group’s investments in plant food for chickens mean more than investing in balanced and healthy nutrition for COCORICO chickens. It means building a more responsible future, a balanced and healthier lifestyle.


    Aaylex owns and manages poultry breeding farms located in the South-Eastern part of Romania. The resulted eggs are used in hatcheries, equipped with modern technology, in order to get the day-old chicks, which will be transferred to broiler farms.

    The bio-security procedures at the highest standards are implemented in all breeding farms. One pays special attention to the health of chickens, to the monitoring of the growth environment and their diet, so that efficient results are obtained. Hatching eggs are stored safely in order to be transferred to stations that are found nearby.

    The genetic material is carefully selected and the parents are purchased from the world’s largest supplier in this field. They arrive in the country with specialized assistance from the producers and with the close monitoring of the results.


    Hatcheries are equipped with computerized monitoring systems that control cooling, heat and humidity indicators in the rooms, in order to ensure a carefully controlled environment. Station incubators were either replaced or retrofitted, in order to reach the highest standards so that their function can be fully automated.

    After the arrival of hatching eggs from breeding farms, they are transferred carefully to the stations. To ensure that the conditions of hygiene and sanitation are fulfilled, a mechanized system is implemented for the transfer of eggs until the day old chicks hatch.

    Day old chicks get special attention, to ensure their transfer to broiler farms in the best conditions.


    In addition to breeding and hatching, the Aaylex Group owns and manages its broiler farms. Once they’ve reached maturity, these broilers will be transferred to the slaughter-house.

    Under the strict attention of our nutrition, health and growth specialists, broilers grow in large, clean and ventilated spaces. Broiler farms are equipped with the latest technology; its parameters of atmosphere indoors are automatically controlled. Broilers move freely, breathe fresh air, eat and drink water unrestricted.
    The strictly observed biosecurity program includes a number of methods and means which aims the breeding of the healthiest, cleanest chickens; their meat contains special nutrients.

    These provide the restricted access from outside; access is allowed only to vehicles carrying chickens, poultry feed and other materials necessary for the farm.  All equipment, machines and tools entering the farm are carefully washed and disinfected before use.


    With a capacity of 15 tonnes of feed / hour and 110,000 tons / year, the newest poultry feed plant, AaylexAgroCooperativaAgricolă, was launched in the summer of 2016. Located in Făurei, one of the best cereal areas in Romania, this factory is more than a significant investment. It is an investment characterized by quality, an investment in poultry feed. It is an investment in the geographical area where it is located, in farms and people, ensuring at the same time more than 45 jobs, with the possibility of professional qualification in high technological positions, by means of training courses in Romania, Germany and Switzerland.
    This is an investment in sustainability, health and future. The new facility serves the Aaylex farms, it is equipped with the latest German technology which allows complete computerization of the production flow and the accurate dosage of each nutrient and micronutrient, so that chickens are perfectly adapted to each recipe, depending on periods of growth and the necessary proteins, minerals, vitamins and energy are provided.


    The grain products used in poultry feed comes 100% from Romanian sources and the recipes – based on multiple research studies and an experience of over 25 years in poultry breeding- contain plant-based ingredients: corn and wheat, triticale, soybean, supplemented with multi-vitamins and minerals.

    The poultry feed facility is more than a building, more than the production of nutrients, it means building a more responsible future, a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. We have invested in one of the most modern production facilities, this being ready for bulk production and also for retail production or sack packaging.


    Aaylex Group, through the company Aaylex Prod owns 2 slaughter-houses, an ultra-modern slaughter-house, with a slaughtering capacity of 12,000 heads/ hour and a recently purchased slaughter-house, with a slaughtering capacity of 4,000 heads/ hour. The slaughter-house is located in Buzău and it is a major investment, being one of the largest and modern slaughter-houses in Europe. Currently, here are slaughtered all the chickens from Aaylex farms.

    The slaughter-house receives chickens that are transported from farms located in seven counties. Chickens are transported in special trucks, so density and chickens’ welfare indices during transport are ensured, according to European standards. Chickens are selected for processing so that the resulting products are of high quality, safe in terms of food, dainty and healthy. Throughout their processing at the slaughter-house, the birds are inspected by the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) and the sanitary-veterinary norms shall be strictly observed.


    From the egg to the final product, raw materials are carefully monitored and tests are constantly performed in laboratories, to make sure that food safety is observed to the highest standards. Results of these analysis are doubled by multiple certifications, obtained from authorized institutions in this field.

    Regarding the poultry feed, CocoRico has its own laboratory, certified by RENAR, equipped with the latest analysis technology, that examines the poultry feed, following both the correctness of recipes, adapted to each life stage of the chicken and quality of each ingredient used in its preparation.


    Aaylex Group owns and operates frigorific warehouses as well as its own fleet of vehicles. Products are stored at proper temperatures, in order to maintain their freshness.

    Aaylex chicken products are available in Romania, at a national level, in partners stores- CocoRico Chicken Stores, and leading retailers and are also delivered to other institutions such as hotels, restaurants, hotels and to important meat processors.

    Aaylex Group is the leading exporter of meat in Romania, having a wider portfolio of external clients, coming from over 10 countries. These include: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Great Britain, Holland or Slovakia. Export represents nearly 30% of the group’s production, including especially fresh, refrigerated products.