May 5, 2016: „Little chefs’ workshop – CocoRico” has awarded its first graduates in Bucharest

„Little chefs’ workshop – CocoRico” has awarded its first graduates in Bucharest

Bucharest, May 5th, 2016. The educational program “Little chefs’ workshops – CocoRico”, carried out at the initiative of Aaylex Group, under the catchphrase “Tasteful and healthy cooking!” has awarded the graduates of the first edition taking place in Bucharest. With the initiation of the CSR project in 2015, the company aims at promoting education for a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, hygiene, the art of cooking and the importance of having meals within the family, among primary-cycle pupils.

Atelierul Micilor Bucatari

Developed in partnership with 62 Gymnasium School and “Serban Voda” School and with the support of “Viilor Economic College” in Bucharest, the program included 8 cooking classes. The classes were held by 2 members of the teaching staff – professional and experienced chefs within the college, who were assisted by 21 trainees – high schoolers attending the same college and volunteers within Aaylex. The 62 1st and 4th-grade pupils participated in meal preparation, thus discovering the secrets of the culinary art.

With each class, the children had the opportunity to discover the secrets for preparing a dish with chicken and vegetables, as well as a desert, all using fresh, natural and tasty ingredients. The tasting was the most delightful moment of the workshops, as the children enjoyed the foods they prepared themselves.

Each participant received informative materials on nutrition, recipes specially created by nutritionists to ensure the balanced nutrition of children, chef equipment and, in the end, certificates of merits and awards certifying their new qualification as “CocoRico little chefs”.

The “Little chefs’ workshop – CocoRico” Bucharest edition continues the CSR project, following a pilot phase successfully carried out in 2015 in Buzău, in partnership with the County School Inspectorate, and attended by 22 primary-cycle pupils.

„The members of the teaching staff, pupils and their families openly received our initiative to promote a balanced nutrition through cooking classes. Our little chefs took their roles seriously and participated, alongside their parents, in the preparation of various dishes. The drawings they created prove that they understood and appreciate the importance of preparing meals at home and perfectly illustrate the theme “Breakfast in the family”. Therefore, we intend to continue with this project”, declared Bogdan Grama, Director General Aaylex Group.

About Aaylex Group / CocoRico

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