“Little chefs’ workshop”

“Little chefs’ workshop”

June 18th, 2015. The pilot phase of the educational programme “Little chefs’ workshop”, developed under the slogan “Tasteful and healthy cooking!”, which promotes the art of cooking among primary school pupils, has awarded its first 22 graduates.

Atelierele Micilor Bucatari

Developed in partnership with Buzău County School Inspectorate, the program included 4 cooking classes, delivered by an experienced chef. PRAIS Foundation team, together with volunteers from Aaylex and Avicola Buzău the project initiators, hosted 22 2nd and 3rd grade pupils of
“Nicolae Titulescu” Gymnasium in Buzău, together with their coordinating teachers.

As a first, the classes encouraged the pupils to actually participate in meal preparation, discover the secrets of the culinary art and the appetite for nutritionally balanced menus.

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For 2 hours a day, the children had the opportunity to discover the secrets of a kitchen with natural products, become familiar with new ingredients and prepare 8 recipes like true chefs.  The dishes and desserts prepared were tasted by all the children, together with their favourite mascot, CocoRico chicken. The drawing and writing competitions, physical activities and playing completed the workshops with cheerfulness.

Every participant received informative materials with advice about a balanced nutrition, recipes, chef equipment and merit diplomas certifying their new quality as young culinary “experts”.

We are delighted about the success of the little chefs’ workshops where we support culinary traditions, the importance of meals prepared in the family or together with the loved ones. In the autumn, we want to continue this programme in several schools in Buzău and Bucharest”, declared Bogdan Grama, General Manager Aaylex Group.

About PRAIS Foundation

PRAIS Foundation was created in 2002 by PRAIS Corporate Communications. Within its national projects, it supports 4 major causes: access to education and personal development, a sustainable economy based on innovation, competitiveness and ethics, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, care for the environment. Over the last 12 years, PRAIS Foundation has been successfully involved in national educational projects in fields such as: promotion of exercising and healthy nutrition; food product safety; environmental protection; promotion of young talents. The programmes have engaged millions of pupils, families, teachers, the general public and have created valuable alliances between public and private partners, opinion leaders, local and international specialists, brought together to jointly serve global social causes dedicated to the future of the young generation.

About Aaylex Group / CocoRico

Aaylex Group owns 18 farms with a total capacity of approximately 36 million live chickens/year. The farms have operations in 6 counties: Buzău, Brăila, Călărași, Galați, Giurgiu and Prahova. Aalyex Prod manages its own slaughterhouse located in Buzău, being one of the largest and most modern slaughterhouses in Europe. The group companies hold a series of international certifications regarding the integrated product quality and safety management, such as: ISO 22 000 and 9001/2000, BRC level A, IFS – the highest standard, LAREX, BEL-CERT, UKAS and DAR accreditations, HACCP accreditation, A Level Certificate in GMP&R inspection, as well as Halal certification.

Aaylex Group, through its companies, markets the well-known brand of poultry products – CocoRico.

Atelierele Micilor Bucatari