Following the audit conducted from January 5, 2017 to January 27, 2017 and based on the evidence collected, the information obtained during field visits in all production sites owned by Aaylex Group, the results of laboratory tests performed in SGS laboratories and the documents reviewed, the SGS audit team certifies that:

CocoRico products are natural meat products, which do not undergo any other meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken, complying with legislative requirements as far as the application of the particular aspects which have been audited is concerned.

The production process within Aaylex Group, both in the farms owned by the group, in companies producing poultry feed, or in slaughterhouses, is performed with:

  • Free of growth hormones
  • Free of antibiotics to enhance growth
  • Free of use of animal flour
  • Free of of food additives
  • Free of feed additives*, chickens being 100% fed on herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins
  • Free of use of any other meat processing techniques upon slaughtering and cutting up chicken (not even meat processing techniques using substances for tenderising or maturing meat).
  • Free of GMOs (poultry meat is not genetically modified)

*other than those legally registered in the Register of feed additives

Dismantling the Miths

People who appreciate poultry, are familiar with its multiple benefits and they know it is a real source of health for body and mind by means of the significant input of protein, minerals and vitamins.In recent years, critics say that eating meat and mostly poultry, would be one of the most harmful habits.The reasons these critics are invoking are based on incorrect, undocumented and misleading information.Without having ever discussed with professionals and without seeing what it actually happens, many people MISTAKENLY believe that:

  • chicks would be bred in unsuitable conditions, in confined spaces, which do not compare to the way chickens were once bred in farms in the countryside
  • chickens would grow in a month as others grow in a year, since they were forced to eat unnatural foods that contain all kinds of chemicals, that help them “puff up”
  • animals would be fed with scraps from other sick animals, which would result in causing diseases to those who consume poultry from that source
  • poultry would be toxic, acid, cholesterol would increase, many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems or hormonal disorders (e.g. breast enlargement in boys) would occur
  • they would be injected with multiple substances (growth hormones, antibiotics and vaccines, salt solutions and water to weigh more)

and many other, based on which, they say, it would be counter-indicated to eat poultry.

Thus, a simple search on the Internet, which has become one of the fastest and easily accessible means of information among the population, for example, for the phrase “chickens with hormones,” results in about 140,000 titles containing warnings, recommendations from doctors about the danger of poultry consumption.

Countless media representatives promote articles and reportages and are informing consumers about a fictitious, incorrect and unrealistic reality in terms of poultry. Because, unlike correct, objective information which the journalist provides to the public only after serious research; most of these articles indicate a weak or non existent documentation in the field and provide subjective opinions which “they heard to be true” as accurate information.

Myths were created, that give the consumers the false impression, that what they eat can harm their health.

Next we will we explain you how these myths were created and present the documented opinions of a group of companies with an experience of over 25 years in chicken breeding and healthy poultry meat production for human consumption.

Because our work can be described in 3 words:

  • Quality. In everything we do.
  • Creativity. In order to discover the newest solutions, to become better with every day.
  • Results. The efforts we make every day are successful because the outcome is healthy poultry meat for us and our families, for our customers worldwide.

Because an informed consumer is a consumer who can choose the best products and services for his and his family’s health.


Does chicken meat contains growth hormons?


Poultry meat contains growth hormones. The meat (poultry meat) consumption leads to the occurrence of health problems, hormonal imbalances such as enlargement of male breasts and can favor the occurrence of cancer.

The CocoRico Truth:

The use of substances with hormonal effect in breeding chickens is strictly forbidden by law.

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Do the chickens grow forced and too fast?


: The „avicola” chick is forced to grow, too fast and in inadequate conditions. It cannot be compared with farm chickens in the countryside

The CocoRico Truth:

That is, in Aaylex farms broilers have the natural potential to grow faster than chickens bred in the household system

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Does the chicken meat contain food additives?


Poultry meat contains food additives

The CocoRico Truth:

Poultry meat is 100% natural and by means of the slaughtering process it is cut and packed in different forms, without being processed by adding any substance

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Are chickens fed with food additives?


Chickens are fed with meat-and-bone meal.

The CocoRico Truth:

Although the legislation allows the use of fish meal in poultry fed, the Coco Rico chickens are NOT fed using this type of meal.

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Is it chicken meat an unhealthy product?


Poultry meat is not healthy for the human organism and creates health problems: cancer/ male breast enlargement/hormonal imbalances etc.

The CocoRico Truth:

Chicken has often the role of the so-called "universal panacea". Chicken soup is a food recommended by doctors to aid in the recovery from illnesses, as it is an easily digestible food, ensuring enough proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for quick cellular regeneration, all the more after a period of suffering of the body

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Does chicken meat makes you get fat?


Poultry makes you fat.

The CocoRico Truth:

It was scientifically proven that poultry provides a quality protein source, which helps generate new cells or contributes to the digestion process

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Can chicken meat produce alergies?


Meat consumption can cause allergenic effects

The CocoRico Truth:

Most foods have a high content of histamine, that biogenic amine we find in processed foods and which causes various allergies

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