Myth: Poultry makes you fat.

The CocoRico Truth:

It was scientifically proven that poultry provides a quality protein source, which helps generate new cells or contributes to the digestion process.

According to an American study, the daily consumption of 85 grams of poultry provides the recommended protein content.

Moreover, specialists in nutrition confirms that proteins play an energetic role for the body, gradually turning into quality fats. Low fat content and calories, but increased by proteins, vitamins, minerals, gives the poultry meat the quality of being one of the most consumed food when a healthy diet is desired, but we can normalize also the body weight.

Thus, many nutritionists recommend eating protein-based diets, these leading to a healthy body weight.


A particular importance should be given to how to cook meat, which is always consumed only after a proper thermal preparation.

Meat does NOT make you fat but you can get a weight gain if your diet is not part of a balanced lifestyle, if the association between the food you eat throughout the day is not appropriate, if the food is not consumed after an optimal thermal preparation or if there are other medical reasons that only a nutrition specialist can recommend.

If the meat is cooked too long at high temperatures, its texture becomes dense, solid and dry and the food is of low quality. Therefore, it is important to keep a balance between the minimum and maximum temperature recommended for cooking each type of meat.

The cooking temperatures for poultry are:

  • Minced poultry meat: 71 degree Celsius
  • Whole chicken: 85 degree Celsius
  • Cut chicken: 74 degree Celsius
    Moreover, in order to keep the nutrients of poultry meat, it is advisable to prepare meat by boiling, roasting or to grill it. Adding to much oil, processed spices and also frying food at too high temperatures can reduce the nutritional content and increase the caloric content of cooked foods, so that, if we want to eat healthy and to lose weight, we will have difficulties.