Crane griddle pan

Crane griddle pan


Kitchen tools, Pantry

A ‘use it for everything’ pan

This Crane Cookware griddle pan is made from cast iron finished with a special black enamel from the inside out. This material is free from cadmium, lead, PFOAs & PTFEs and improves resistance to thermal shocks and scratches.

Crane Cookware’s cast iron pans are crafted from up to 30% recycled (scrap iron) material. The enamel is made from natural materials including steel, quartz, feldspar, borax, soda ash, clay and potash, which make Crane Cookware’s products completely recyclable.

Enameled cast iron is highly durable, provides excellent heat conductivity and doesn’t produce environmental toxins. Use it for sautéing, caramelizing, searing, braising and baking.

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