Get your read on the very best of print

Get your read on the very best of print


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Part one: All around the world with foodie mags

We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful foodie mags from all around the globe to grace your coffee table. Each title is its own little world and filled to the brim with mouth-watering food imagery and stories around food, culture and all the movers and shakers in the culinary sphere. Here is our pat one of the list.

Acquired Taste
Acquired Taste is all about exploring the human ingredient behind food culture, which is why we love them. Acquired Taste offers a unique point of view by telling stories of: chefs, farmers, artisans, restaurateurs, designers, architects, artists and photographers. Check out issue 4.

Alla Carta
We love Alla Carta magazine’s approach to the art of conversation through food and drinks.  Food, art, design and high-end fashion are included in each issue bi-annually. Alla Carta invites you to take a closer look at Italy’s diverse cultural phenomena.

Through interviews, photo essays, and stories from its great chefs, Ambrosia eats its way through a region, from roadside stands to Michelin-starred restaurants, and pinpoints what sets the region’s cuisine apart. Volume 6: London is their latest issue which is up for grabs.

Cherry Bombe
Cherry Bombe celebrates women and food through their magazine, the Radio Cherry Bombe podcast, and their Jubilee conference. We love them for sharing tidbits from industry icons to notable newcomers and encouraging creativity in the kitchen.

Crumbs Magazine
Crumbs opens the doors to the most incredible restaurants and gastropubs, cafés and bars. You can expect a vibrant showcase of chefs and menus, venues and innovations that make going out a treat, or alternatively staying in and exploring new recipes and ingredients.

Cuisine is all about the New Zealand foodie scene. They’re all about their people, stories, food, and a commitment to take the New Zealand food and drink stories to the world.

Diner Journal
Original recipes, art and literature all make their way into each Diner Journal issue with a thematic exploration into inspiration and creativity. Head over to their site to view some of their favorite recipes.

Eaten Magazine
Eaten is focused on everything food history. Each issue is filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries. Check out their cooking challenges tab on their website and get down to business in the kitchen.

Fare Magazine
Fare is a bi-annual print publication exploring city culture through food, history, and community. Looks like Fare has won its readers’ hearts, with people raving about how it really reflects the spirit of their hometowns. If you’re heading to Tbilisi anytime soon, be sure to take a peek at issue 6.

Malmö-based Fool Magazine is all about food brilliance, insanity and, of course, love. Fool was founded in 2011 by art director Lotta and photographer Per-Anders Jörgensen. They are based in the eclectic Swedish city of Malmö, dubbed the ‘Brooklyn of Copenhagen’. They’re currently working on issue 8, which will take readers on a food journey to Japan. Check it out online:

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