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Get your read on the very best of print


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Part two: All around the world with foodie mags

We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful foodie mags from all around the globe to grace your coffee table. Each title is its own little world and filled to the brim with mouth-watering food imagery and stories around food, culture and all the movers and shakers in the culinary sphere.

The Gourmand is an award-winning biannual food and culture journal, featuring the very best in culinary essays and adventures. But it’s not your average, run-of-the-mill, food magazine, as it explores peculiar topics like the ‘social status of ketchup’ and takes food creativity to a whole new level. Let Gourmand take you off the beaten path — check out their latest musings in issue 14.

Gourmet Traveller
Whether dining out or dining in, Gourmet Traveller has something for everyone. The magazine explores the very best of food, wine, chefs and travel from Australia and elsewhere around the globe.

National Geographic Food
Classic nat geo takes us on a culinary journey with their food and travel edition. You can expect an exploration of the best of Italy’s dessert wines, why Germany’s laidback city of Freiburg is becoming a magnet for culinary aficionados, Seoul’s top 8 barbeque joints and other eye-capturing features.

Noble Rot
Noble Rot brings together the very best of wine and food writing into one publication. In issue 22, the mag delves deep into the wines of Catalonia and Jurançon, as well as Burgundy’s Aligoté. They also travel to Épernay to taste a bottle of 1895 Pol Roger recently excavated from the site’s

Peddler taps into the multi-cultures of food, venturing near and far, and into the homes and kitchens of everyday cooks for their most personal takes on family recipes and stories. Issue 5 features stories from America, Canada, China, Cuba, Cyprus, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Ukraine and more. Recipes include karelian pies, flaounes, pyrohy, tortelloni, pastizzi, manti, kibbeh, kadabu, xiao long bao, siu mai, wu gok, grunts, pastelitos and empanada.

Port Magazine
While Port isn’t solely dedicated to food, you’ll find a whole collection of inspiring dishes to cook up during the week or when you have more time on the weekend. Check out their archive of chicken recipes, including Il Baretto’s Chicken Milanese, Alfred Prasad’s Ambur Chicken Biryani and more.

Put A Egg On It
Put A Egg On It has coined itself as the’ tastiest zine on earth’ — a hefty name to live up to, but they mean business when it comes to documenting the communal joys of eating. Every issue also includes a themed recipe section. For issue 16,  they cook up fried red snapper, sofrito and plantains with artists Billy Sullivan, Ava Berlin and John Cameron Mitchell.

Saveur is first and foremost about experiencing the world through food. It could be a barbecue stand in South Carolina or a twenty-course meal in Paris; street food in Malaysia or a Tuesday-night casserole in the Midwest. Head to their recipes section and check out their Macanese-style Portuguese chicken, chicken paprikash, chicken kiev and more.

Table Magazine
The table, whether it’s in the kitchen, set beautifully in the dining room, or in the backyard for a summer soiree, is where we come to share life. It is a place to celebrate our passion for food, life, quality and good health. Read more about TABLE and explore recipes here.

Toothache magazine
Toothache is a magazine for chefs by chefs. Each chef is given a few blank pages and it’s free reign with what they can come up with — whether that’s recipes, images or writing. Issue 4 showcases chefs from the US, as well as Spain, London and Italy. Follow the link and take a peek.

Compound Butter magazine
Compound Butter is a biannual publication about food, art, and all the things in between. Issue 12 explores traditions as a concept, spanning ancient rituals, self created holidays, dissections of family dishes and much more. Check it out.

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