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Responsible reduction of food waste
Economical: buy and consume only as much as you need.

Diverse with various assortments: buy different pieces as often as you need.

You asked and we listened. Cocorico now has new portion packs that cover single and double servings at 370g and 630g respectively. The Cocorico portion packs are the answer to freshness and quality, made for those who like to buy exactly how much they need when they need it. They are perfect for single individuals who do not cook for an entire family, or may possibly share a meal with one other person throughout the week.

The new portion packs also supply the daily RDA for protein and simplify the macro counting process for those looking to build muscle mass. These Cocorico portion packs are budget-efficient options, space savers and the go-to for special occasions and multi-course meals that call for only one chicken dish.

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Cocorico’s water stewardship
Quality over quantity

German newspaper Die Welt discusses Cocorico’s quality standards, particularly where water is concerned. Cocorico CEO Bogdan Stanca explains the company’s special infrastructure for waste disposal and water treatment systems to improve the microbiological quality of water coming from deep wells.

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Cocorico’s new branding is here:
One fresh start

To meet evolving industry demands, Cocorico has initiated a comprehensive rebranding under the creative direction of graphic designer Sascha Lobe of London-based Pentagram. Cocorico’s rebranding made its debut at Indagra 2019, Romania’s largest event dedicated to agriculture, horticulture and viticulture.

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Cocorico at Indagra 2019:
Romania’s food event of the year

Cocorico has a brand new look. We have the same trusted product, but with innovative and contemporary packaging. As chicken producers and farmers, we have a deep appreciation for the entire food universe and part of our mission is to inspire consumers to get back into the kitchen and to experience healthy cooking.

Cocorico’s fresh poultry is stored in high-quality packaging with a shelf life of up to 15 days. This is achieved through temperature control and a revolutionary air refrigeration system. You can expect our brand values to stay the same with the new look. Cocorico will always uphold its core vision of delivering products that are natural and fresh, premium quality, ethical and sustainable.

Cocorico can be found at over 40 shops in southeastern Romania. The distribution chain also extends to greengrocers, boutique butchers and gourmet shops in over ten countries, including Great Britain, France, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, or Slovakia.

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