Abba Grebbestads anchovy-style sprats

Abba Grebbestads anchovy-style sprats

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Janssons Temptation

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Cook yourself some Jansson’s Temptation

While ‘ansjovis’ may look a lot like anchovies, they’re actually not. They are small sprats and have a much milder flavor than regular anchovies. This variety produced by Abba has a top secret seasoning passed down from generations, although it’s known to contain cinnamon, ginger and sandalwood.

These little guys pack a ton of flavor and are common to Jansson’s Temptation, a common Easter and Christmas dish in Sweden. If you decide to make this recipe at a whim’s notice, then whatever you do, don’t grab anchovies because it will overpower the dish. Find yourself some sprats like these from Abba Grebbestads and get to cooking. 

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