The Dutch oven

The Dutch oven

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Consider Dutch ovens your new best friend

Dutch ovens are cooking pots with tight-fitting lids and are constructed from either cast iron or enameled ceramic. They can be used both on stovetops and in ovens and ensure even heat distribution, providing optimal conditions for longer cooking times. Dutch ovens can be used for anything from roasting a whole chicken and braising meat to making stews and even baking bread. Because of this, dutch ovens are extremely resourceful and efficient.

Cast iron: an extremely durable material with excellent heat conductivity. Cast iron is widely preferred amongst chefs because of these features, as well as its ability to stand up to high heat conditions without degradation. Cast iron, however, does need to be cared for to ensure its longevity. When seasoned correctly, cast iron serves as a natural non-stick surface and will withstand any rusting.

Enameled ceramic: just like cast iron, enameled ceramic is also an excellent heat conductor with even temperature distribution. The main difference is that enameled ceramic does not require any special maintenance or upkeep. If you’re going to be using this type of vessel for extremely high heat cooking, make sure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging your dutch oven.

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