Royale mustard Pommery with cognac

Royale mustard Pommery with cognac


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Royale mustard Pommery with cognac is a decadent combination of wholegrain mustard seeds and full-bodied cognac. The recipe for the classic Moutarde de Meaux mustard has been closely guarded since 1760.

Mustard making has been around since eons ago when mustard seeds were first discovered and used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to enhance meat and fish dishes. In 1390, mustard production was strictly regulated and anyone who manufactured a bad mustard was immediately subject to heavy fines.

Smear Royale mustard Pommery with cognac over roasted meats and vegetables and pair with game birds such as pheasant and guinea fowl. While you’re at it, go for a flask of heady cognac on the side and really treat yourself. Why not?

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