Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

AAylex acknowledges the importance of your data and is dedicated to protect its confidentiality and security. Therefore, it is critical to us to provide you, in an integrated and practical manner, with information concerning the processing of your personal data, in your capacity as data subjects (users of the website, Cocorico Facebook page as well as other online Web pages/applications administered by AAylex, suppliers, clients, potential clients, consumers, potential consumers) in this Personal Data Processing Policy, which applies to the contexts below.

This Policy applies to all devices (devices such as PC, laptop, smartphone or tablets used to access website, Cocorico Facebook page, and other webpages / applications administered and managed by AAylex in the online environment (collectively referred to as “Electronic Platforms“). If you disagree with the terms and conditions governing the use thereof, kindly refrain from using the Electronic Platforms. It is considered that, in accessing the website and the other Electronic Platforms and continuing to use of those and services after reading this Policy, you implicitly agree with the terms and conditions laid down herein as regards personal data protection, ccopyrights and other issues mentioned in the Policy.

According to the requirements of Regulation no. 679/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR), and other laws applicable to the protection of personal data, AAylex manages on a safely basis and solely for the specified purposes, the personal data that you deliver to us, while using the Electronic Platforms and  information provided in respect of AAylex the company, products and services, including under the Cocorico brand.

The purposes for which we collect and process your personal data
AAylex may collect and process your personal data for the following processing purposes:

  1. Business sale of goods and services, covering the performance, management and development of sales and products and services, research / market studies, statistics in terms of accessing and using Electronic Platforms. 
  2. Advertising, marketing and publicity, promotion for the AAylex services and its Cocorico brand, conducting promotional campaigns, tracking and monitoring  reports in connection with the sale of services. 
  3. Post-sale, containing client relation services, informing the users/clients on the assessment of products and services supplied
  4. As evidence in connection with the activities described above and for archiving purposes. 
  5. Assessment of data willingly provided upon applying for one of the vacant jobs within the companies forming part of the AAylex Group.
  6. General information provided to customers about the products and services provided by AAylex by accessing the Contact section of the Website.

For each of the above mentioned purposes, AAylex will process personal data based on an appropriate processing ground.

Personal Data Categories we may Process

Surname, given name, address (domicile/residence), e-mail, birth date and place, professional history, and other information that you can provide by submitting your CV, as well as other personal data that you can provide by accessing and using Cocorico Facebook page and other Electronic Platforms. In addition,  in cases expressly provided by law or when a product / service cannot be provided otherwise, AAylex may process data consisting of the personal numerical code and the serial number and identity number strictly identifying the winners of potential promotional campaigns (if any) and for complying with the requirements of tax legislation.

Special Provisions Concerning Minors

AAylex does not aim, in its data processing, to process personal data of minors. AAylex does not undertake promotional activities in the form of direct marketing directly to minors. The minors who did not reach the age of 14 shall not be allowed to request services or any communications with AAylex through the Electronic Platforms, or to take part in contests or campaigns organized by AAylex, except where this is achieved on behalf of the minor by the legal representative or custodian of the said minor, in accordance with the law. Furthermore, anyone supplying personal data by means of the website, Cocorico Facebook page and other Electronic Platforms represents that he/she is of legal age, and that he/she holds full legal standing. Any collection or processing of personal data of the minors will only take place in accordance with the law, and in observance of the above.

Principles which we follow in our business, in respect of the Personal Data Protection Policy

  • Compliance with the relevant laws in force, fairness and transparency
  • Restricting the use of data to the specified purpose
  • Restricting the use to the data strictly necessary for the course of our business
  • Observing the rights of anyone whose personal data is being processed
  • Responsible provision of security measures in respect of data processing.