June 29, 2016: The travelling exhibition of Romanian contemporary art „Ferestre Deschise – Dunărea de la vărsare la izvoare”

 Elena Surdu Stănescu Cultural Foundation and AAylex Group presents:

 The travelling exhibition of Romanian contemporary art „Ferestre Deschise – Dunărea de la vărsare la izvoare”

Bucharest, June 29th, 2016. Elena Surdu Stănescu Cultural Foundation and AAylex Group present the travelling exhibition of Romanian contemporary art „Ferestre Deschise – Dunărea de la vărsare la izvoare” (Open windows – the Danube river from the Delta to the Black Forest Mountains).

The project, comprising a collection of paintings, sculptures, graphic artworks and tapestry works, will be carried out starting this year along the Danube river, in the following port cities: Giurgiu (April-May 2016, Teohari Antonescu County Museum) – Ruse (May 30th – June 9th, 2016, Ruse Museum), Călăraşi (June 15th – July 4th, 2016, Dunărea de Jos Museum)– Silistra (July 7th -30th, 2016, Dunărea de Jos Museum), Turnu Severin (August 6th – 30th, 2016, Theodor Costescu Palace of Culture) – Cladovo (September 2016, Romanian Center of Culture), Tulcea (September – October 2016, Avramide House), and will continue in 2017 in Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

„Prominent contemporary artists open windows for their fellow artists established on the Danube’s riverside, with a desire to provide people with images filtered through their mind and soul. The list of artists participating in the exhibition will be a living document, in constant enrichment, with the participation of several artists from the itinerant cities. Within each city hosting the exhibition, the local artists will showcase an array of works focused on the topic proposed, the Danube river, and four of these works will be selected to be included in future exhibitions. In the end, we will return to Sulina and Tulcea where we will gather as part of a wide exhibition comprising all works displayed throughout the route established”, declared Elena Surdu Stănescu, sculptor and Chairman of „Elena Surdu Stănescu” Foundation.


Great Romanian artists will display their works as part of the exhibition: Elena Surdu Stănescu (sculpture), Iuri Isar (graphics), May Oana Isar (tapestry), Teodora Coltofeanu (painting), Dorin Coltofean (painting), Ruxandra Papa (painting), Aurel Bulacu (graphics), Elena (Bobi) Dumitrescu (sculpture), Laurenţiu Midvichi (painting), Elisabeta Brînzoi (sculpture), Mihai Coltofean (painting), Smaranda Isar (applied art). The works showcased are available for purchasing, and the funds thus collected will contribute to supporting the project Ferestre deschise – Dunărea de la vărsare la izvoare.


The project, initiated by „Elena Surdu Stănescu” Foundation, is in line with AAylex’s initiative „Art is food for the soul”, aimed at supporting and promoting the authentic Romanian cultural values, as well as their creators from a broad range of arts.


AAylex Company encourages artistic initiatives, as part of an essential endeavor to achieve the symbolic reconstruction of the national spirit. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide the audience with the “spiritual food” we all need”, declared Bogdan Grama, General Director AAylex Group.

About „Elena Surdu Stănescu” Cultural Foundation

„Elena Surdu Stănescu” Cultural Foundation is aimed at promoting the Romanian contemporary art at both national and international level, with a view to stimulating and supporting the affirmation of creators of artworks part of different generations and placing them within the context of universal values, with the purpose to highlight the cultural and national identity of the Romanian society.


About AAylex Group and CocoRico Brand

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