We have invested in one of the most modern companies in Romania. We have invested in integration, in farms and in healthy nutrition for chickens. We have added passion. We have combined tradition and cutting-edge technology to deliver quality chicken meat and the highest degree of food safety. We could say that it has taken us SuperPowers to get here today, to become one of the most respected brands chosen by millions of people in Romania and Europe.

However, we are not the real Heroes.

The real Hero is YOU.

Because YOU choose for your loved ones.

We only offer the certainty that the chicken meat you consume is always healthy and of the highest quality.

More than just a product, a promise.

CocoRico is more than food. It is a promise of quality and responsibility. A promise guaranteed by the millions of people in Romania and Europe that choose the CocoRico chicken meat each day.
Today, more than ever, it’s increasingly difficult to choose from the abundance of food products those that provide a healthy and risk-free diet. We need food products that we can really trust, products that we can rely on every day.
CocoRico has chosen to integrate its activities under one roof. From the first egg, to the chicken meat that reaches your table, controlling the entire process (chicken feeding with 100% vegetable products, meat processing, meat freshness and food safety, meat examination and packaging). All 5 features of quality chicken meat can be found in CocoRico products to the utmost degree (nutrient content of chicken meat, chicken feeding, growth under stress- free conditions, food safety and freshness) so that consumers can find in CocoRico what they are looking for. Confidence.

More than just a brand.

CocoRico is more than a brand.
CocoRico represents people who trust healthy chicken meat that is produced responsibly and complying with the highest standards.
CocoRico represents people who value information so that they can have a balanced lifestyle, those people who care about the environment.
CocoRico represents all those people who run and cope with the challenges and tasks of the increasingly fast-paced rhythm of our era.
They are the anonymous heroes who make every day better through their choices.
CocoRico represents those who choose healthily for their loved ones.
YOU are CocoRico.

While the others are accustomed to enjoying the results of your choices, you strive for these choices every day. Those efforts are unseen, but your loved ones can feel them.
You are a Hero when you prepare and escort your children safely to school. You are a Hero when you spend many hours at the office so that you can provide better for your loved ones.
You are a Hero when you go shopping and you almost need SuperPowers in order to choose from the thousands of products only those that are healthy.
You are a Hero when you cook dinner for your family and still have energy to play with your little ones and smile to people next to you.

Let’s meet the CocoRico heroes

CocoRico is the confident woman who knows that, nowadays, being informed means being healthy. And she will always choose a
healthy diet. For herself and for her loved ones. She is the woman who loves. She is the independent woman. She is the mother who
chooses a healthy chicken meat for her children. She is the woman who knows what it means to be a Hero day after day.
CocoRico is YOU, the woman who knows that her force lies in the choices she makes. And she will always choose a reliable product.

CocoRico is the man who protects his loved ones. The man who teaches those next to him and who thinks of their future.
He is the father and the children’s Hero when he gets home.
The man who chooses a safe chicken meat for himself and for his loved ones.
CocoRico is YOU, the man who knows that power lies in a balanced lifestyle, in knowledge and in a fresh and natural food.

We celebrate the Hero in you. Because you really are a Hero when you choose the CocoRico chicken meat for yourself and for your
loved ones.